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Description: 3″ front lift that delivers 50% more suspension travel than the stock Ram. Blueprinted coils paired with extended travel, custom tuned, lifetime warrantied shocks to increase control and comfort...More Details »
Item #: CS-DLEVEL-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $830.00

Description: Front Leveling Kit with a 1″ progressive spring lift in the rear and matching rear shocks. More travel, control and comfort than the stock Ram thanks to the included Carli Signature Series...More Details »
Item #: CS-DSTARTER-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $1,140.00

Description: First system in our lineup with the Signature Carli Shock Tune. Designed for the truck that keeps it on the pavement. Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment...More Details »
Item #: CS-DC20-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $1,965.00

Description: Signature Shock Tuning for the 3rd and 4th Generation, Diesel Equipped Ram trucks. 2.0″ Remote Reservoir Shocks provide users with a comfortable, entry level off-road capability paired with a...More Details »
Item #: CS-DBC20-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $2,535.00

Description: Our most popular system, the Pintop kit boasts 2.5″, Remote Reservoir King Shocks. Designed and tuned in house for the customer looking for substantial on-road and off-road performance...More Details »
Item #: CS-DPT25-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $4,075.00

Description: 3.0″ King Remote Reservoir Shocks pair with the included Full Progressive Leaf Pack to deliver a soft, yet controlled on-road ride quality with substantially more bottom out capability than the...More Details »
Item #: CS-DD30-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $6,425.00

Description: The Performance 2.5” is Jack-of-all trades long arm system. This is a very balanced on-road system and will slay any trail to which you point it. If you’re not seeing daylight under your tires...More Details »
Item #: CS-DPER25-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $8,240.00

Description: The Dominator 3.0” Lift system is a no-compromise utilitarian, all-around suspension system. The on-road ride is fantastic – it’s the softest we offer; the off-road ride will run circles...More Details »
Item #: CS-DD30-03-D-LA
Condition: New
Price: $10,195.00

Description: The Unchained is a purpose built kit. 3.5″ Front Kings and 4-Tube Bypass rear 3.0″ shocks are optioned with a Torsion Sway Bar, High Clearance Control Arms and Full Leafs in the rear for...More Details »
Item #: CS-DUC35-03-D
Condition: New
Price: $13,305.00

Items 1-9 of 9