About NCB Diesel

Our Story

NCB Diesel & Offroad started off as a one-man show with one goal in mind, to fix our customers vehicle issues the first time around - without just “throwing parts at”. We hear quite often from our customers that another shop said they could fix it for cheaper than the “other guy”. That same person who could “do it cheaper” is no longer the “cheaper guy” because they ended up replacing multiple different parts before your original concern was fixed. Being able to adapt and overcome has allowed us to stay up-to-date with the constant changing of technology especially with these vehicles. Owning all 3 OEM diagnostic tools straight from Ford, GM, & Dodge we are able to “speak” to your vehicle and perform factory diagnostics just as the dealership would! Having trained technicians on board who know what they are looking at and have seen first hand almost anything that can go wrong has helped shape us to who we are today.


From any major mechanical repairs, to your simple oil change/tire rotations - making sure you and your family are driving something safe & reliable is what we are here for. We utilize many OEM parts & proven aftermarket products to provide a reliable and safe way of customizing/upgrading your vehicle.

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