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Carli Suspension 21-23 Bronco Front Upper Control Arms

Carli Suspension 21-23 Bronco Front Upper Control Arms


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Product Description:

– Greasable and Rebuildable Frame Pivots
– Better Ride than Factory
– 6061 Billet Construction, Hard Ano Coating
– Caster and Camber Corrected for Mild Lift
– 1.25″ FK Uniball Knuckle Pivot, 12-Point Hardware
– Fitment: 2021+ Ford Bronco 4×4

Machined in house from a solid chunk of 6061 Aluminum, a few things set these arms apart from other Billet arms currently available.

Fewer failure points: Anywhere hardened steel is threaded into aluminum, there’s potential for failure. Whether it be pinch-bolts or jam nuts, it’s a potential point of failure. Our Bushing housings are integrated into the arm itself – we run poly bushings with grease flutes to ensure strength, easy servicing, no noise and long bushing life. The Spacers that locate the arms are 17-4 Stainless Steel – again, machined in-house.
Alignment: we’ve taken care of the alignment – these arms are both caster and camber corrected optimizing them for the mild lift our spec King Shocks provide (and OEM Kings). The reason many manufacturers thread heims into their arms is to allow additional caster and camber adjustments. When arms are alignment corrected designed for a designated lift range, factory adjustments are sufficient to true up the front end – more isn’t better, it’s just more complicated and comes at the cost of an additional potential failure point.
1.25″ Uniballs: Most are offering 1″ uniballs, we’ve opted for 1.25″ for optimal strength and longevity.

The arms are, again, machined, in-house, from a solid chunk of 6061 Billet. The finish is an Type 3, Class 2 hard anodize to keep the arms looking new.

The bushings are poly construction with grease flutes to ensure long life, easy servicing (and cheap, easy replacement) and noise-free operation.

Centering the arms to the frame mount are our 17-4 Stainless Steel Alignment Spacers with integrated bushing crush sleeves .

Lastly, we use 1.25″ FK Heims, a 12-Point Bolt and in-house machined misalignment spacers to secure the arm to the knuckle and maximize the travel and strength of the upgrade.