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Carli Suspension 21-23 Bronco Rear Control Arms

Carli Suspension 21-23 Bronco Rear Control Arms


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Product Description:

– Greasable and Rebuildable
– Better Ride than Factory
– Internally Braced Steel Construction
– Rear Axle Position Corrected to center tire at full Bump
– Fitment: 2021+ Ford Bronco 4×4

3/16″ clam-shell construction with full-length internal gussets tying the internal structure to the external (even joint housings are integrated to the internal structure); you won’t find a more robust set of arms.

We have a killer machine shop on site and look for every-reason to take the load off our welding department, but we could not justify it here. The draw to Billet is strong BUT, the proximity to the ground and likelihood of these arms seeing impact from the bottom and side landed these in our fabrication department.

We wanted to build a set of billet arms to match our front upper arms. We also wanted a rock-crushing arm so customers need not worry about the billet jewelry adorning their rear axle. All seriousness, Billet is awesome and it has it’s place; however, even with replaceable skids, we decided to move forward with steel as its durability and strength flat make sense in this scenario. We know we’d be far move comfortable dragging across our sliders and hitting these arms than we would a billet equivalent.

The Joints are constructed of 17-4 Stainless Ball-Centers surrounded with our grease-channeled urethane preloaded into the joint housing, retained with a snap ring offering unparalleled misalignment (articulation) and finished with a zerk fitting for easy greasing.