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CDP High Flow Race Series Manifolds & Up Pipes for GM Chevy GMC 6.6L Duramax Diesel

CDP High Flow Race Series Manifolds & Up Pipes for GM Chevy GMC 6.6L Duramax Diesel


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Product Description:


Providing up to an incredible 55% increase in air flow over stock. These Manifolds are made tough using high quality Silica Moly Cast Iron. Up-Pipes are made with .120" wall thickness 304 Stainless Steel and internally sleeved bellows for superior flow and strength.

The High Flow Manifold has been meticulously designed to increase the engines output through increased airflow. High Flow manifolds are designed to have a gradual increase in internal diameter as more exhaust ports are added. This allows for added volume within the manifold while keeping the maximum velocity possible. Due to the heat and energy of the exhaust gasses being expelled, expansion will occur within the Manifolds and Up Pipes which can cause an even stronger spool up through the Turbine side of the Turbo. With an increasing diameter of the Manifold you will be able to send these hot exhaust gasses through the turbine as fast as possible making it easier for the Turbo to spool. The material also has the ability to retain heat ensuring the heat stays within the Manifolds. Better spool times have been seen with these Manifolds over Aftermarket Headers because the Headers will actually increase the distance the gases needed to travel causing some cooling before the exhaust gases hit the Turbo Charger.

Features / Benefits:
Reduced Back pressure
Better Fuel Economy
Quicker Spool Up and Lower EGT's
EGT Probe port pre-molded and tapped in each manifold for convenience and increased strength

Kit Includes:
Right and Left Max-Flow Manifolds
Right and Left Max-Flow Up Pipes
16x Exhaust Manifold Bolts
2x Brass EGT port plugs